Abu Simbel by plane 1 day




From the hotel in Hurghada you will be picked up by a comfortable bus and taken to the airport for check-in to the plane to Abu Simbel. There you will be met by a private guide and you will begin to visit the sights of the ancient cave temple of Ramses II. Its 20-meter-high statues frame the entrance to the temple, and today they are the same symbols of Egypt as the Pyramids and the Sphinx. The first rays of the sun, illuminating the facade, penetrate into the halls of the temple and its sanctuary. At its furthest end are statues of the gods and the figure of the pharaoh Ramses II himself. Twice a year (the day of his birth and the day of coronation) the rays of the rising sun illuminate the statues of the gods and Pharaoh himself, and then it seems that he is smiling. Only the figures of the god Ptah, the rays never touch, because he is the god of darkness and must remain in it. Then lunch in the restaurant (drinks for extra charge), visiting bazaars and shops. Return to Hurghada by plane. Tickets to the temple complex are included in the tour price.

Recommendations: bring your passport, sunglasses and cream, a small bottle of water, a hat, comfortable shoes, money.


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