St. Paul and st. Antony monasteries by private car 1 day




Monasteries are founded in the III century AD. And are the oldest active Christian monasteries in the world. Monks of the monastery of St. Antony is always glad to visitors who want to know more about the most important Christian shrines. Here pilgrims get acquainted with the spiritual life of Egyptian monks and know the history of the first monastery in the world. Today it is a whole town with churches, gardens and farm buildings. In the monastery there are ancient icons and manuscripts written in Arabic and Coptic. You will be visited by another monastery of St. Paul, who was founded on the site of the cave where the Apostle Paul was hiding from the Roman persecution. In the monastery is a sarcophagus of white marble with the relics of a saint. On the way back, you will have a delicious lunch at the restaurant (drinks for extra charge). Tickets to all historical places are included in the tour price.

Recommendations: bring your passport, sunglasses and cream, a small bottle of water, a hat, comfortable shoes, money.


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